Trails and Walks

Trail One: Fethiye - Kayakoy

Top: Overlooking Fethiye Harbour. Middle: Lycian Amyntas Rock Tombs. Bottom: Kayakoy

Lycian Way: Distance 9 km, Time 3-4 hours

This trail begins in Fethiye at the Lycian Amyntas rock tombs which are carved into the rock face overlooking Fethiye’s habour. The cobbled wide trail through a pine forest leads us over the hill to Kayakoy. A steep climb initially, otherwise a fairly easy hike with views over the valley towards the deserted Greek Orthodox village (also known as the ghost town), the subject of Louis de Bernieres' book ‘Birds Without Wings’.

Take time to explore the many deserted houses and churches in the ghost town and to have lunch at a restaurant in the centre of Kayakoy.

Trail Two: Kayakoy – Oludeniz

Scenic: Distance 6 km, Time 2-3 hours

Top left: Olundeniz Beach. Top right: Blue Lagoon. Bottom left: Gemiler Island. Bottom right: Church in Kaya

This trail begins near St Taksiarhis Church (Upper Church) in the centre of the ghost town. After a brief ascent over the hill behind Kayakoy, this trail descends through pine forest down to the shores of the Blue Lagoon at Oludeniz providing spectacular views of St Nicholas Island and the sea below.

Take time to relax and swim at the bottom of the trail along the shores of the lagoon, there are a number of beach clubs open to the public

Trail Three: Kayakoy - Ovacik

Top left: Kaya Village. Top right: Walking up through the ghost town. Bottom left: Walking through the forest above Kaya. Bottom right: View from the trail

Lycian Way: Distance 7km, Time 2-3 hours

This trail begins near St Taksiarhis Church (Upper Church) in the centre of the ghost town and follows the Lycian Way though pine forest over the hills to Geymene summit (altitude 600m) before descending to Ovacik passing by a rock tomb on the right.

Trail Four: Ovacik - Kirme - Faralya

Lycian Way: Distance 14km, Time 6-7 hours

Top left: Olundeniz. Top right & Bottom left: Faralya Valley. Bottom right: Site of 1953 earthquake

This is a physically demanding trail with steep ascents.

Altitude 280m-750m-650m-350m.

This trail begins at the original starting point of the Lycian Way and very quickly gives some superb views of the Blue Lagoon and Oludeniz below. The trail continues along goat paths, a long gradual ascent for approx. 5km which turns and twists on the side of the mountain through low scrubs and pine forests until we arrive at the mountain hamlet of Kozagac where the remains of a massive rockslide, a result of the 1953 earthquake, can be seen. Continuing on, the route starts to slowly descend for approx. 4km towards the mountain hamlet of Kirme and then via cobbled paths past a rock tomb cut into a boulder then following the remainder of the route down to Faralya, a farming and bee keeping village lying along the cliff top road above Butterfly Valley.

Trail Five: Faralya – Kabak Bay

Top: Walking down to Kabak Beach. Middle: Kabak Bay. Bottom: Kabak Beach

Coastal: Distance 9km, Time 2-3 hours.

(Altitude 350m-450m-sea level)

This trail takes us along the flank of Baba Dag, an easier route through fields and pine forest and various views of the sea on the right as we head towards the farming and bee keeping village of Kabak. Take the path down towards the beach to have a swim and relax with some refreshments.

Trail Six: Kabak - Alinca - Kabak Bay

Top & Middle: Kabak Valley. Bottom: Rest stop on the way down to Kabak Beach!

Lycian Way: Distance 14km, Time 6-7 hours

This is a physically demanding trail with a steep ascent and a difficult first 3m of the decent.

Altitude 220m-770m-sea level.

This trail takes us on a circular walk around the Kabak valley on the Lycian Way rising steeply on a beautiful old path to a sheer ridge with wonderful views of Kabak Bay on the right, continuing up to the village of Alinca, where you can see spectacular views back along the coast to Oludeniz. Leaving the Lycian way, with the sea now on the left we continue walking through a rocky area covered with maquis, sandalwood and pine trees before descending through the forest to Kabak Bay.

Trail Seven: Kayakoy - Af Kule - Kayakoy

Views of Af Kule Monastry

Scenic: Distance 8 km, Time 3-4 hours

From Kayakoy we stroll along a pleasant and rarely used country road before entering the forest and following the path, shaded by pine trees, towards the Af Kule Monastery. A steep descent (150 metres) from the top of the hill takes you to a grassy clearing from where you can admire Af Kule and this amazing setting. The rugged steps can be climbed to enter the hermitage.

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