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October 2014

As Ann's website designer, she decided it would be good for me to have a first hand experience of walking the Lycian Way. I said no. I love Turkey but no I don't want to walk it. Yes I know I've lost weight recently and started walking locally but no I don't walk up mountains!

OK, she said, why don't you and Kam come to Kabak Bay for lunch and the beach and see for yourself the beautiful scenery? She was right, it was stunning sitting on a beautiful wooden deck looking down over the bay. How do we get to the beach we asked? Oh, said Ann, I'm sure there's a path somewhere. Well, what do you know, there was a path. A path with red & white markers that looked very familiar. This wouldn't be part of the Lycian Way by any chance? Yes I believe it is Ann replied! It was steep and hard going at times for complete novices but with Ann's help we made it down. Our reward was an afternoon on the beautiful Kabak beach and a sense of achievement for our efforts. Though we did insist on getting the transport back up! All in all, a great day.

Top left:'So, Ann, how do we get to the beach?'. Top right: Halfway down!. Bottom left: Walking through the forest above Kaya. Bottom right: Kaya ghost village.

On our last full day we decided to go back to our favourite restaurant in Kaya village for lunch and maybe, as Ann phrased it, a quick look round the ghost town. Yes, we fell for it again! The quick look turned into a walk to the top of the ghost town with glorious views over the valley and just as I was beginning to spot those red & white markers again and Ann was suggesting it would be so much cooler once we reached the tree line, the proverbial penny dropped!

The Lycian Way trail between Kaya and Olundeniz winds through the forest. It was so peaceful up there and every now and then you glimpse stunning scenery through the trees. Three hours later we finished after a very challenging scramble back down to the road. Ann had said at one point that we would either thank her or curse her by the time we finished the walk. Well, yes we both found it difficult and I think we both faced our own personal challenges on the way down. But with Ann's help, guidance and above all patience we made it. So Ann, thank you for a fantastic experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Louise N.

Thank you Ann for making my first trekking a wonderful experience. I enjoyed every minute of it and will definitely go on another one provided the views are as good as the ones we went on. Thanks once again for taking me on this wonderful adventure.
Kam D.

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