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Local Weather

Turkey Temperature chart in Centigrade

Time difference

GMT + 2 hours

Local Buses

Local buses are Dolmus (pronounced ‘DOL-MUSH’). These are little minibuses that drive around the local areas, they are very cheap and provide a regular service. The stops are marked with ‘D’, however you can stop a dolmus anywhere and if it is not full they will stop to pick you up and when you want to get off just ask the driver to stop. Sign boards in the front tell you where they are going. Each dolmus displays the price for the route inside and you pay when you get off.

Mobiles & Internet

There is generally a good network signal, although call and data roaming costs are high (worldwide tariffs usually apply). Telephone calling cards can be purchased in resort. Free WIFI is available in most bars, restaurants and hotels.

Electric Supply

Turkey operates on 220 volts, 50 Hz, with round-prong European-style plugs that fit into recessed wall sockets /points.

Plumbing System

The pipe-work is narrow in some of the older properties and when requested to do so toilet paper should be put in the bins provided, not down the toilet.

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